Our Gunner



Gunner is our 7 week old puppy. For the first time in my life I had the privilege of watch 9 puppies enter this world. It was amazing. As soon as the third puppy was born, we claimed him as our own. He stayed with his mother dog until he was 2 weeks old. After this I began bottle feeding him and he has been like our baby ever since. Today, Gunner is a spunky, fun, loving puppy. I’m currently working on finding the right puppy food for him. This includes a healthy brand with meat as the main ingredient. We bought him a harness and leash a few hours ago, so we can begin weaning him off of puppy pads and teaching him to use the bathroom outside. He seems to be a fast learner. So far he has learned to sit on command and 50% of the time he will put his paw up to shake our hand on command. We hope to teach him to walk on a leash correctly and not try and pull us behind him. I plan to begin a job search in the next week and may begin to have less time to help teach him things. Never the less, I know I will have to make time  since he relies on us to help him become a well behaved dog that we trust to be out in public with us. Hopefully he will learn to ride in the truck with us and eventually love it. (Gunner currently whines while going for a ride.) He hates baths and tries his best to jump out of the sink while I wash him. I’m not getting my hopes up, but I’m hoping he learns to enjoy them more in the future. We have a lot of work to do before he grows up, and we know the grow pretty fast. Gunner is worth every stitch of time and effort we put in with him and he will be loved and taken care of always! Welcome to our little family Gunner! <3❤






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