Learn to Laugh

  • I’ve always been the type of person that gets easily embarrassed. On the other hand, I believe I have slowly grown out of this as I’ve grown older. I now seem to be less embarrassed about things and appreciate the humor in a situation more. For example, I had a teacher in elementary school who would throw shoes and markers at students and make jokes to make us laugh when we got an answer wrong in class. I was terrible at math and this teacher would always call me out of it. She would make jokes and toss things at the students to be funny. This may sound out of line for a teacher, but my classmates generally laughed and found humor in this which is what she was trying to do. She was trying to make learning fun. I never found humor in this. I was getting bad grades in her class because I did not understand the subject. I did not want her drawing attention to my flaws in front of the entire class and I did not find this funny at all. Now that I am older I look back and realize if this was going on today, I would laugh it off with the other students, get some tutoring help to improve my math skills, and move on to the next class. To be fair the teacher would always tell us to let her know if we didn’t feel comfortable in any way in her class. I wanted to fit in and I did not want to let anyone know how embarrassed I was. I am now age twenty-five and humor along with laughter are my two favorite traits about myself and anyone else I associate with. 

So, you now know that I have been known to sweat the small things in the past, but let me give you an example of how things have changed. 

Last week I wanted to purchase some new eye liner. Charlee offered to go with me and help me find the brand I was looking for. We went into Walgreens and Charlee decided he was going to purchase a bright red clown nose. Of course I looked at him like he was crazy and of course he smiled at me  and made his purchase anyway. He then proceeds to put the nose on and I immediately tried to walk away. He grabbed my arm, pulled me to him, and asked me where I was going. I tried to back away from him and he decided to tell me he loves me very loudly while hugging me. By this time everyone around us was looking at us and the more I moved around trying to get away (while laughing) the louder he got to draw more attention to us. After this Charlee comes us with the idea to lead me to the checkout counter and get the cashier to take a picture of the two of us while he is still wearing the clown nose. At the time I thought this was all he had planned for this nose. Just a quick laugh and we would be done. WRONG. 

We get into his truck to leave the store and I notice Charlee is still wearing this nose. We pull up to a red light and he is just hoping someone pulls up next to us so he can show off his new toy. Some poor unsuspecting older lady stops next to us and I watched as Charlee waved like a crazy person and smiled at her until she looked over and saw him. The lady simply waved back at him and laughed along with him. Thank God the light turned green around this time. 

Grocery shopping was next on his list of things to do and I thought there is no way he will wear his red nose into a bigger store. WRONG AGAIN. We pulled into the parking lot of the store and he parked what seemed a mile away from the entry door just so he could park next to someone getting into their vehicle to show off his nose. I informed him that he could go get his groceries and I would wait for him in the truck. He stepped out of the truck and told the guy next to us that he wanted to go shopping with his girlfriend, but she refused to go into the store with him. This guy took one look at Charlee and began to laugh. His wife walked up and let me know not to worry about it, her husband would do something like that to her also and she feels my pain. HAHA. That made me laugh more than Charlee parading around in his ridiculous clown nose. 

We enter the grocery store and Charlee started speaking to everyone around (nose intact) and he also found humor in letting every stranger in sight know that I was his girlfriend. We continued walking around the store collecting his groceries for week. He even stopped to ask an employee where he could find the chips he was looking for and the poor guy could barley speak to him in the middle of laughing so hard. At one point I took Charlee’s nose away from him. I thought maybe that would solve the issue. Nope, he just stopped the first person he saw and asked them to please speak to me about why I was treating him so badly when all he wanted was his toy nose. I laughed and had to give it back to him. We continued shopping some more and one lady informed him that she had just purchased one of those clown noses for her four year old child. At this point I had been laughing so hard all afternoon to the point of my face hurting. I took his nose away from him once more and put it on myself. If you can’t beat him, join him right? He turned around and saw that I had the bright red nose on, hugged me, and said, “That’s my girl. I love you.” This warmed my heart. 

I gave Charlee his nose back and he wore it up to the checkout counter in the grocery store. We were placing his groceries on the counter and I noticed he was waving at a child behind me. I thought this was sweet of him until I heard someone call my name from behind me. Great, I was out of town, my boyfriend is wearing a clown nose, and somehow he had attracted the attention of someone I went to high school with in my home town. I spoke to her for a minute and then turned back around to continue in the line. We get to the cashier and he tries to make her laugh along with everyone else around us. She takes one look at him, then looks at me. She then told him, “She’s going to leave you.” I thought this was hilarious. Charlee kept making jokes and she spoke to him again. “No seriously, she’s going to leave you.” Well all started laughing except for Charlee who was giving me his sweet puppy dog eyes and asking me not to leave him. Before I could even respond to him he put his now back on, smiled, and said, “I know you’re not going to leave me.”

I love Charlee so much. He is about the only one in the world I would have let do anything near this embarrassing to me. It was honestly more humorous than it was embarrassing anyway. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. He can make me smile in any situation and he’s always there for me no matter what is going on. He loves making  people laugh and I love him for that and so much more.


I have changed so much over the years. I’m learning to take the time to see my improvements and appreciate how far I have progressed. I would never want to go back to not being able to laugh or enjoy the moments when people are trying to lighten up a situation. Who new grocery shopping could be so fun? If I was the way I was even going through high school I would have never been able to enjoy the day I had with Charlee. Learning to laugh and enjoy myself more around others has got to be the best improvement I’ve ever made 🙂


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