When Brandi met Charlee

I met a guy on December 12, 2015 who happens to have an amazing sense of humor. His name is Charlee and he is the sweetest and most caring person I’ve ever met in my life. We met at a karaoke event that takes place every Saturday night. It was his birthday and he was tired from working all day. His friends convinced him to go out and have fun although he did not feel up to it. On the other hand I had a friend trying to convince me to go out for a good time while I was fighting her the entire time because I was down about a bad relationship I was leaving. I preferred to stay home and mope around and she wasn’t having that at all. 

My friend and I arrived at the karaoke establishment and the place was filled with couples much older than I am. I assumed I would watch them sing for a while and look forward to going home to sleep. In other words I had very low expectations for any “fun” to happen. Soon after we arrived a group of people that looked to be around my age walked through the door and I immediately had my eye on the cutest one. There were two girls in this group and three guys. My new objective was to point out this good looking man candy and get my friend to help me figure out which girl was with which guy. All while hoping the one I was interested in was the single one. 

I kept my eye on this particular guy for a while thinking he wouldn’t ever notice me admiring him. I began talking with my friend and the next thing I know I hear an amazing male voice singing through the speakers of the karaoke machine. We both turned and were extremely surprised to see that it was the guy I had pointed out earlier. This made him that much more attractive and I realized there was no way he would be single or be interested in me. Soon after he sang there was an announcement that is happened to be this guys birthday and everyone began to sing happy birthday to him. 

When the singing stopped apparently my friend decided I wasn’t going to talk to this guy. which made it her job to go and speak with him. She later told me she went over to talk with him knowing I would follow behind her considering I didn’t know anyone else there. She started a conversation with him and learned that his name was Charlee. He showed her the family based tattoos he had and told her a little about himself. He was a farmer and he seemed very sweet. The music was loud so my friend leaned in to talk to him while he was backed against a counter top. She had her face right beside his and he quickly informed her that he was only 22 years old and wasn’t interested in her. (She happens to be about 25 years older than myself) I could not help but laugh. While she was talking to him trying to break the ice for me, he got the impression she was hitting on him for herself. She quickly informed him that she has kids his age and she was not interested in him that way. She continued talking close to him and I could tell how uncomfortable he was at this point. He stayed polite and continued to talk with her and of course the whole time I am finding this all hilarious. 

When these two had finished their conversation he walked passed me and I said the first thing that came to my mind, “Happy Birthday.” Charlee replied with, “Thank You.” My heart began racing and I walked outside to sit on a bench to smoke. Soon after this Charlee also walked outside and asked me if he could sit next to me. My heart continued racing, but lucky for me Charlee began telling me about himself and I told him about myself once I got a little more comfortable. We talked for a while and he gave me his number. My friend later decided it was time to leave for the night and I realized I never wanted to be there and yet at this point I never wanted the night to end. Charlee and I stood up and some how I managed to find the courage to hug him. We said goodnight and I talked about him all the way home. I texted him around 1:00am when I returned to my friend’s home and did not receive a reply. I figured I either wouldn’t hear from him again or he would text back another day. I honestly wasn’t expecting this to go anywhere. The next morning I had a text as soon as I woke up and it was to my surprise, from Charlee! We texted all day long that day and most of the night. 

Well, here it is closing in on four months that we have been together now. We have already created so many memories together and I’m sure I will be sharing a number of them on here at later dates. I’ve never been happier and not a day goes by that Charlee doesn’t make me smile. 


When you pray and trust in God (which Charlee and I were doing months leading up to this day) he may just surprise you. Charlee and I both had to be convinced to go out for karaoke that night and neither of us expected anything good to happen. God took control and brought two people together that had lost faith in finding anyone worthy of the love and attention we desired. God let us meet at the perfect time in both of our lives. It was in his timing not ours. Let God lead you to where he knows you should be instead of taking control of things yourself and I’m sure you will realize he can do so much more than you will ever be able to accomplish on your own. 


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